Do you think that when you’ve mastered drink during the hours of  ten shots of tequila and don’t throw up to whiz you are the greatest on the planet earth? That will happen when you drink in one day all these drinks in Ed’s Bar Company!


A shot of whiskey and beer. Two totally typical male alcoholic drinks. But when you combine them together, it’s a good mix of our top ten.
Boilermaker has some analogies and probably the mildest enough drinking normally. It may not be there but with whiskey, may be more or less with any drink. Mild version Boilermaker seems that once you drink a shot of him and washed down with beer. Which you certainly did it many times.
Right Boilermaker but it looks a bit different. A shot of whiskey poured into a beer and then you suddenly drink. Put like that, and three if you throw up, you are worthy of our respect (and believe that our respect too many people are not worthy).


This drink is in some countries, like the United States, is prohibited. Does the fact of homemade brandy and given what the quality of the home distillers instance in the US, becoming a moonshine somewhat dangerous drink.
Maybe in the past in America they distilled lot of alcohol, especially at a time of Prohibition, alcohol made with coolers of cars. But what happened? From the cooler got into drinking antifreeze, which, as you know, is completely healthy for humans (ie. If you drink it, quite probably die).

Moonshine is actually quite common Czech brandy (plum, apricot, etc.), which is drunk in Moravia clouds – just in front of us is doing through radiators of cars. We hope. Also moonshine quite often contains a high percentage of malicious methanol and many other toxic ills. Well – drinking for men.

Where are the real men?

When the beer is called “The End of History”, it probably does not inspire entirely positive cravings. In addition, when a bottle of beer in the belly of a dead animal, a lot of normal people take to their heels, dashing and gives better drink orange with a straw from Tesco.

This beer has a 55 percent alcohol and is thus one of the strongest beers in the world. Even more, however, it was characterized by packaging, which is stored inside the once-living squirrels, rabbits and weasels. Except it’s a bit expensive fun. One bottle costs 760 USD

Flavoured raw eggs

This drink is often used as a perfect vyprošťovák. Alone James Bond film Thunderball says that at a time when a lot of drinking, always uses this morning. About but do not have the stomach too much water. On the other hand, even if you are in the morning monkey causes vomiting, it’s just for your own good. So how do you make this drink and what you need?

1 raw egg
little Tabasco
40 ml bourbon

All this put together nicely, stir, drink in the morning … and vomit!.

New Jersey “Jackknife”

Well, it’s not really drink, which you can order at the bar, but on the other hand, you can put it anywhere. And it’s cheap.
This is a typical drink booze in pubs in New Jersey, where the drunk štamgasté like to bet. When you lose, you have this crazy jackknife drink. Could you stand it when you are behind boffin. If you refuse, you will get after nose.
So what do you drink? It’s cool – takes the mess out of the country and begins to drink (hair, crumbs, who knows what). Then the bartender takes a rag wipes the counter from residual alcohol in it and drink it properly squeez out. The amazing mix nicely drink.
If you are ever in New Jersey, mostly there to anyone about anything on earth don’t bet.

Enpinyo and cow blood

One African tribe saying the Maasai is probably full toughest guys on the planet Earth. At least in terms of booze. Themselves Enpinyo distilled alcoholic drink that too many people have tasted before, but apparently is so strong and tough that must be swallowed with cow’s blood to neutralize!
No, seriously, Maasai argue that cow blood is best for hangovers, which causes Enpinyo.
When you have alcohol, which must then drink plenty of fresh cow’s blood to survive him, and the cow’s blood, then you have probably improved a lot after that and the booze taste in your mouth, you have probably already be a real freak, to the horror drank.